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The city is known as “City of Nawabs” or “Nawabon ka Sheher” and also it is known as “City of Kebab”, It is an Upcoming Metropolitan city of India. Lucknow has great history running through its veins.

As from one of the Theories, this city got its name from Lord Lakshaman, who was brother of Lord Shriram.
According to that theory, Lord Lashman owns a land in that area so, Lucknow was known as “Lakshamanpuri” in ancient times. This city was Capital of Awadh Empire, later it was ruled by Mughal Empire and they had strong hold in here. When Britishers was ruling our country, Chandrashekhar Azad and his men looted train full of British Treasury in Kakori, this Kakori resides near Lucknow. Every gully of Lucknow tolds us history behind it.

Peoples of Lucknow are known for their polite and lovely behaviour, they follow “Pehle aap (After you)” culture. “Tehzeeb (Etiquettes)” is also important part of their Lifestyle, they follow these etiquettes heartly in everyday life.
There is famous line which we always hear in this city is “Muskuraiye aap Lucknow mein hai (Smile, you are in Lucknow)”. They are known for their polished and refined language and high standards of living. The lifestyle of Lucknow people was one of its kinds and the place still dwells in its old world charm.

Credit : Debdut YouTub

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