Bangalore – The Garden city of India

Bangalore IT park

The city of Bangalore, or as the natives call it ‘Bengaluru’, is one of the most advanced cities in India. This is the capital of Karnataka state which is situated on the Deccan plateau in the southern part of India, this city is also known as ‘Silicon Valley of India’ due the tremendous growth in the IT sector. There are many education and research institutions in Bangalore. Many aerospace and defense organizations are located in Bangalore.

Thus, this city provides infinite educational and career opportunities to the people coming from across the world.

It is a metropolitan city who is demographically diverse. It ranks in the first five due to its productivity and growth in almost every sector. Thus, it is home to 7000+ millionaires and 5+ billionaires in the country.

However, this city is not only about education and career. This city is blessed with natural beauty as well. It has many gardens, freshwater lakes, hills, historical places and temples. There are numerous options available for restaurants and eat outs as where you can find the most delicious and mouth-watering food from every cuisine.

Thus, the city of Bangalore has lot to offer. You can choose the places for sight-seeing or eating as per your interests.   

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